Online Memorials

Aspen “Piggy” Hayes

2006 - 2019

"After a day filled with all her favorite things, I said goodbye to my best friend in the whole wide world. For over a decade, she has been my child, my rock, and my steadiest friend. I will miss Aspen 'Piggy' Hayes more than anyone can imagine. I'll miss her warm body snuggled up to me every night. I'll miss her begging and food stealing antics. I'll miss how she was too smart for her own good. I'll miss how everyone fawned over her in public, and how she was loved by all. She saved me 1000 times more than I ever saved her. Goodnight and I love you sweet girl."
-Your Mommy

"Piggy had a way to wiggle into everyone's hearts. She was sweetest, most outgoing, and smartest dog I have ever known. I'll miss her more than I can express. The past 24 hours have been a torrent of emotion, but I know we made the right choice. She left us surrounded by the people that loved her the most. I'll miss you, Piglet. You will always have a giant place in my heart.
-Your Daddy