Online Memorials

Elsa Cabey

2013 - 2019

She came to us accompanied by her group of feral friends and so alert and full of life that I was sure she was the leader of the pack.
She was one of those precocious feral souls that bundled so much life experience in her first nine months.
She was so aware of everything that she intuitively sensed that she needed to find a home because she was pregnant.
She bore three off springs, but being so tiny and young only one survived.
Zimba, being the sole beneficiary of all that mother’s milk became a large, panther looking black cat that won all of our hearts. Now he is the center of all our attentions.
Elsa was so eager to give and receive love that we will miss her immensely.
My hope is that Princess and Elsa met at “The Rainbow Bridge” and are frolicking together as they wait for us to join them.
May God bless us all.