Online Memorials


2004 - 2018

Today I say goodbye to this beautiful creature.
14 years of nothing but love, she will no longer be suffering.
In the afterlife I hope that her joints and bones will be healed to where she can run in the lush grass with that same smile on that face she has always had.
I was so excited to get a dog when I was younger, anywhere I went, she went.
I took her many of walks, all of them she stayed by my side. Off leash and on.

Today she had her final walk, the second I put her leash on her she ran to the gate.
She always loved when I took her for a walk, she even memorized the word.

Now she will not be suffering and soon I will be able to see her healthy, young, and go on all the walks that she may need up there.

Thanks to Gieger meats for giving me some of their butcher scraps to feed to her, she loved the prime ribs. On the walk she was fed them and tried to even sit until she fell over.

Today she said goodbye.
The goodbye is bittersweet, but she will always be in my heart.