Online Memorials


2012 - 2019

At 8:52 am, Juno went home to be with God. I cannot emphasize enough how much joy he brought into my life over the last 7 years. His all-time favorite toy was a rolled up piece of aluminum foil. He loved chasing after it and bringing it back to me.

My heart is breaking right now in such disbelief. It seems so surreal. Like I’m gonna walk back into my bedroom and he’s laying on the bed like he usually does.

He’s in heaven now. He’s no longer in pain. He’s not suffering. He’s running around with other cats chasing mice and aluminum foil balls.

He was my best friend. He was there for me all the time. Very loving, very friendly, a little skittish with others, but he was different around me. We were buddies. In a sense, he was my child.

Juno: 4/29/2012 - 7/18/2019