My dog Dalton recently passed away and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your company's work. I had know idea when I went to pick up Dalton's ashes that you had made a copy of his paw prints. I don't know why that meant so much to me, but it did. He not only left his little paw prints on my heart but, now because of your company, I can hold them in my hands. Also, thank you for the little package of his hair. You would think I would of thought of that, but I didn't. Thank you so very much.

Kate Flann

So few things in life are consistent. Paw Prints, however is one of those consistencies that make our lives easier when we lose our best friend. We have known Nate since 2008 when he took care of our Shar Pei Leo. Since then we have lost 5 more of our best friends. Without Nate and Paw Prints I don’t know if our losses would have gone as smoothly as they did. They are so compassionate and caring, and they gave the same love and respect to our Peibies that you would expect they would give to their own pets. Nate and Paw Prints have shown these two old people there still are loving, compassionate and caring people in this world. Thanks guys.

Joe and Debi Wilburn

I just wanted to thank you for everything. You picked up Rusty from Normandy Blvd. Animal Hospital on December 5, 2013. My "baby boy" my BIG baby boy :).I received his remains on Monday December 9, 2013. I was impressed with the quickness of your service-also he was my first cremation, so I did not know what to expect. I was impressed with everything. Especially with the enclosed "Rainbow Bridge" and also "The Gift" which was him 100%. He was so intelligent,loving,tenacious,and our guardian and protector. Until we loose something so precious, we don't realize the impact and importance they REALLY have to us.He gave us so much-and enjoyed it.He is greatly missed and always loved. Thank You again!

Richard Shoup

I have just returned home with the remains of our sweet pup Nibbles and I want to thank you so much for taking such good care of him. Nibbles was my 15 year old son's dog, we only had him for 4 of his 9 years but he was there with my son through a difficult time. When Justin was one month shy of 13, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Long story short, Nibbles saw him through thousands of needle sticks and very difficult times in the last couple of years. We were all devastated to learn he had cancer. My tears flowed today when I looked in your envelope and saw my sweet boy's hair clippings, we miss him so much. The service you provided is a true labor of love, and my family is so thankful! God bless you all!

Wayne Cain

To the staff at Paw Prints Crematory, I would like to take this moment to personally thank you for handling our beloved Oreo this past week. Oreo's death was extremely difficult to handle as it was very unexpected. Knowing there are people like the staff there at Paw Prints Crematory comforted me in knowing Oreo was in good hands. When I researched pet crematories in our area, I found Paw Prints and read everything. I knew right then and there your services are exactly what my family and I needed at a critical time. When the Clay-Duval ER said they do business with you, I was exceptionally grateful in knowing where Oreo was going to go. When I picked up Oreo on Thursday night I placed him in our living room next to the window he was always at. A little about Oreo: Oreo is from Fort Worth, Texas. We got him in June 2006 and has been with us his whole life. He was an exceptionally good boy as he had such a calm temperament and never once in his life bit anyone. His nick-name was Oreo Cookie or Cookie. He was so loving and a true companion in a time when our family suffered. When I was sick, he would lay there by my side and would not get up unless I did. When my husband or children were asked to put him out, he would not go unless I put him out. He had special treats that were called "What time is it?" He knew exactly what those were along with "car-rides, walk, dinner, breakfast, bed-time" and other daily words we used. Our oldest daughter would always get nibbled on her ankles by him. We never understood why until we later found out he was a herding dog used to round up cattle. It made perfect sense because when my children would play, Oreo would run in circles and "round" them up. Hide and seek was another game our family played a lot or at least tried to. Oreo always played and he would tell us who was hiding where. He literally was our "tattle-tailer". When I asked him where his daddy was, Oreo would take off running through the house and look for my husband and when my husband was found, Oreo would get exceptionally excited. Little games like this and so much more are what makes memories of our Oreo so special. So as you can see, the sudden loss of Oreo is extremely hard. Enclosed are a couple pictures I could find of our Oreo. Please share them on your site. I want everyone to know what kind of dog Oreo was. Thank you for the exceptional services you provide for families like mine. It truly means a lot to us to know there are people like you who go out of yur way to comfort us in a time of need.

Maria Campany

Once again regretfully only a few weeks after my handsome baby boy Rusty you respectfully handled my eldest-she was 15 years old, Pepper Ann. I thank you again for the service you provide. I also am thankful for all the communications and help after the process was completed.Thank You again! Richard S.

Richard Shoup

I really miss him and thank you for talking to me to select the urn I wanted it was hard to make the decision that night to have him euthanized but he could not be cured as my vet said the ER was more honest the he was. Your company did great with my Desirée I wish I was able to choose her urn but the Jax ER didn't give me the option to.

Lisa O'Berry

Thank you for the beautiful way you helped us cherish our precious Maxine. The loss of our family member has been challenging but we are pushing forward everyday. The extra ways you managed to keep her with us has touched our hearts in so many ways. Thank you. The Morris family

Jennifer Morris

I just picked up my Apollo's remains from Anastasia Veterinary Practice in Saint Augustine, FL. I love all of the attention to detail, the urn, the tuft of fur, the meaningful paperwork. Most of all I love the little hearts drawn next to my baby's name on everything. I don't know who did it, but it makes my heart soar. Thank you so much for providing a service that has really touched my heart at such a difficult time. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Tiffany Lo

A few weeks ago our beloved Great Dane, Zeus, passed away during the night. It was devastating for us and hard having to decide which crematory to use. At 170 lbs I was not able to move him. When our vet opened they recommended Paw Prints. Turns out a neighbor has used Paw Prints in the past and highly recommended them. I spoke to Kelly at 9 AM and by 10:30 Rich and DJ were there to pick him up. They were all very compassionate and picked Zeus up with great care. His ashes were ready a few days later and was placed in a beautiful wooden box, along with a tuft of hair, a card and a wildflower patch. Every step of the way all involved showed a great deal of compassion and understanding of our feelings. They made a tough morning go much better for us. I can't thank Kelly, Rich and DJ enough. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. Thanks everyone at Paw Prints

Jeff Koppelman